e-Gram Swaraj App And Portal For Panchayat Updates

e-Gram Swaraj App And Portal For Panchayat Updates A simplified app for all gram panchayat for getting all new latest updates of there region. Our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi announced about this app today on 24th April during his video conferencing with different panchayat heads across India. This app will take care of all monetary records, election-related records, information about your panchayat ward members. We got a line on the official website of e-Gram Swaraj “eGramSwaraj aims to bring in better transparency in the decentralized planning, progress reporting, and work-based accounting” We can see a huge expectation of PM Modi from this line for our panchayat sector.

E-GramSwaraj Portal

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Module Highlights Of e-Gram Swaraj App And Portal

Official Website for the e-gram swaraj portal is www.egramswaraj.gov.in here you will get all the necessary details about this project launched by PM. This portal or app launched during the video conference with different panchayat heads across India on National Panchayat Raj Day 2020. This will bring transparency among the people by getting the official sharable details. We have explained all this in details below, Just continue reading this post to more about e-Gram Swaraj App And Portal

Panchayat Profile Under this feature, it will cover the panchayat profile with election details, elected members, committee, etc

e-Gram Swaraj

  1. This app contains all the committee related and committee members related information (Name, Age, Joining Date, Etc)
  2. Brief information about the upcoming or ongoing election with proper details of elected representatives in the election.
  3. This will give the facility to each local government to maintain a brief profile, which will include the details of local government with sarpanch and secretary details.

Planning A proper planning process will be conducted, which will also include the suggestion from your side. Planning is one of most important in either in business module or when it comes to anything else.

eGramSwaraj Planing Feature

  1. Wishlist You can also create your wishlist here by capturing pictures or data. Even your suggestions are put forward for gram sabha. It means they will take care of your needs and valuable suggestions which may be productive.
  2. Shelf Of Activities I think we don’t need any explanation on this topic because as per the heading suggests Shelf, it means you will get a planned schedule of things and activities which will be conducted in your gram panchayat in the current year.
  3. Resource Envelope Previously we used to think there might be big corruption happening in our panchayat, So to cope up with this problem government added the option to know the full budgetary report of your gram panchayat, which anyone can access. This will include a brief data of allocated funds for your center by central or state government.
  4. Convergence You will also get the full reports of expenditure which are made or which are to be made in the upcoming time by your panchayat office in different things.
  5. Action Plan Under this feature, you will get to know all the details regarding all upcoming schemes which can be offered. Schemes depend upon the fund available with panchayat.

Progress Reporting You will get a full digitized report of physical and financial progression of approved activities, Anyone can access this feature using the portal or the app.

Progress Reporting Of E-Gram-Swaraj

  1. Technical Approval You can easily access the updates regarding any upcoming scheme, And its activity approval.
  2. Administrative Approval You can also track of any activity approval and its sources of funding.
  3. Fun Earmarked Get all the information regarding the approved installment funds provided to your panchayat.
  4. Progress Report Access the physical and financial progression of your village with the help of statistical reports.
  5. Geo Tagging This is a new kind of feature where you can upload the picture of currently made assets of your village.
  6. Effective Working System An effective data can only be sourced from an effective working system, So this app will help you a lot.

Accounting We have tried to explain this part in easy language as it could contain some accounts related terms which may not be understandable to all.

  1. This app uses the 4 tier accounting system which is suggested by C&AG And MAS
  2. It also follows the double-entry system, cash basis system of bookkeeping where the both aspects (Debit And Credit Are noted)
  3. It allows panchayat raj institution to record details of the fund through 4 vouchers (Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal Voucher)  

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Overview Of e-Gram Swaraj Portal

DepartmentMinistry Of Panchayat Raj Institution
Portal NameeGramSwaraj
Launched ByPrime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
Date Of Launching24th April 2020
FeatureTo maintain transparency in the panchayat sector 
TypeGovernment Portal

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How To Access e-Gram Swaraj Government Portal 

  1. Visit the official website for e-Gram Swaraj  Get It Here
  2. Now enter your Panchayat details to proceed further
  3. After completing your panchayat selection process, Choose the field you want to explore
  4. You can enjoy all the features explained by us previously.

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e-Gram Swaraj App 

e-Gram Swaraj is available in the play store, well its new in play store and you will not be able to find it because of fewer downloads. We have provided the original link for this app which will help you. We have also added the e-Gram Swaraj APK download link. In this app, You will get all the website type features in the App, and all which we have described above. Continue reading this post, to know more about this app and get the download link.

App Namee-Gram Swaraj
Size3.52 MB
Developer NameMinistry of Panchayati Raj
TypeGovernment Launched app To maintain transparency in the panchayat sector
Number Of Downloads5000+

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  1. Download e-Gram Swaraj  PlayStore Link   APK Download
  2. Install and allow all the permission asked by the app
  3. Browse the feature, We have already explained the features briefly above
  4. Access all the features provided by the app to know more about your panchayat.

Final Words

As a part of final word from APK Dunia’s side, we would like to request all our villagers to download this app to know more about your Panchayat and its time to be an active or responsible citizen. We should appreciate our Prime Minister and his team for gifting this app to the citizens. This app really has a wide range of features that we previously won’t use to get. Please follow APK Dunia on telegram by using the link which we have given above. We do regular updates on telegram.


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