How To Make Mascot Logo – Professional Mascot Logo On Android

Firstly, before knowing How To Make Mascot Logo On Android Devices lets us know what’s a mascot logo actually is. A Mascot Logo is nothing but a logo that acts as the identity of a person or a player. Mascot logos are generally illustrated avatars of players or brands. As we know that the gaming phase in all over the world had increased growth at a massive rate. So, with this, it made a path for others to represent themselves in the gaming community as streamers, E-sports players, Entertainers, and many more. In the gaming community, most of the players have different In-Game names apart from their real names. And, having a different logo is also a part of it. You might have seen many streamers or gamers having amazing mascot logos. Professional players or streamers like Scout, Mortal, etc have their own custom made character mascot logos. If you want to create your own then read the full post.

How To Make Mascot Logo

Apps Required For Making Mascot Logo

IBIS Paint X App

IBIS Paint X App is a popular and versatile drawing app that is available in the play store. You can create your own drawing without using Pencil and other craft items just by using this app. This app is taking a big responsibility in our steps where we will guide to know How To Make the Professional Type Mascot logo in android. You must have to download this app using our app because the link given by us is the modded one in which you will get the premium features for free. So check our the features of this app before you proceed to steps

IBIS Paint X App

App NameIBIS Paint X
App Size25 MB
Developeribis inc.


The main feature of this app as this will help you to make the mascot logo, but there are still some more hidden features of this app which we have described below. So have a look into it

  1. Professional Features This app will give you all the professional type features which will help you to get the maximum result from your work.
  2. Unique Using Experience With a smooth and easy to use UI you will get a very new type using experience.
  3. Recoding You can also record your whole drawing process which can be used later to find out the mistakes to teach others.
  4. Lear New Features This app will guide you to learn new features that will boost your skills.

IBIS Paint X App Prime Membership And Its Features

This app is having an option to get all the prime features from its Prime membership subscription. But for our viewers, we have a modded application to get all the prime features for free. Check out the prime features listed below and procced next to get the modded APK download link

  1. Prime Materials
  2. Prime Fonts
  3. Tone Curve filter
  4. Gradation Map filter
  5. Clouds filter
  6. Reordering artworks in My Gallery
  7. No advertisements in screens except the Online Gallery

Download IBIS Paint X App Prime Unlocked Modded APK

IBIS App has an in-app purchase option through which you have to purchase Prime Membership to get all the premium features, But we have a solution for this where we are giving you the unlocked app through which you can get the Prime Membership for free. So just follow the steps to know more

  1. Download IBIS Paint X Modded APK (Prime Unlocked) V7.0.3 Get It Here
  2. Before installing allow all the permission asked by the app.
  3. Click on install the APK to proceed.
  4. That’s it you will be able to enjoy all the premium features for free.
  5. Please read the full steps How To Make Mascot Logo from Below.

Download IBIS Paint X App From Playstore Get It Here

Infinite Design App

Infinite Design App is one most common app used to make a professional logo, Wether its Soul Mortal or a normal player this app is used by everyone. Due to its versatility and dynamic use, it gets fitted in any use. Infinite Design app also contains some Prime features which can be availed by the subscribers only we already pointed out all the prime features of this app below. But for our readers, we are giving a modded version of Infinite Design App in which you will get all the prime features for free that’s without paying for it. So let’s have a loot into the normal features as well as the prime features of this app.

Infinite Design App

App NameInfinite Design App
DeveloperInfinite Studio Mobile
Size16.5 MB
Version3.4.18 (Prime Unlocked)


The main feature which is essential for us its help use to make professional type mascot logo, But there are some other features too which are described below

  1. Infinite canvas You will get the feature to do infinite canvas, i.e (pan, zoom, or rotate).
  2. Intuitive path editing This feature is only available in this app and also free to use. You don’t need to pay for this.
  3. Boolean operations Users can also find the option to do Boolean Operations using this app.
  4. Align and distribute objects The best features of this app contain this where you can align and distribute objects.

Infinite Design App

There are some premium features in this app for which you have to pay, But we have added the modded APK of this app from which you can get all the premium features for free. Before getting into the download link check out the points pointed below of Premium features of this app

  1. Transform tool: Translate, Scale, Rotate, Flip, Distort, and Skew
  2. Gradient and Pattern Fill
  3. Rotate and flip the canvas
  4. Automatic shape detection
  5. Grid for reference or snapping
  6. Vectorize: turn any image into fully editable vector paths

Download Infinite Design App Modded APK

For those who can’t afford the premium feature, we have a solution for them They can use this modded APK to get all the premium paid versions for free. Have a look below we have added the download link for the Modded version

  1. Download Infinite Design App V3.4.18 Modded Get It Here
  2. Before installing allow all the permission asked by the app.
  3. Click on install the APK to proceed.
  4. That’s it you will be able to enjoy all the premium features for free.
  5. Please read the full steps How To Make Mascot Logo from Below.

Download Infinite Design App From Playstore Get It Here

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How To Make Mascot Logo

To get one form the professional artists can cost you a huge amount. But from your android device, you can create it in a very easy and simple way. There are two different types of Mascot Logos Character logos and Custom made logos. In Character logo, you create a logo created to your In-Game avatar and In Custome made you create a logo of your choice. To Create a mascot logo on android, You need Two applications for illustrations and one for colors masking. So guys follow the below-given steps to Make Mascot Logo on android

How To Make Mascot Logo

  1. Firstly Download both the apps.
  2. Now Open your PUBG account and take a Screenshot of your character.
  3. If you wanted to create a custom made mascot logo drawdown in right whatever type of logo you want.
  4. Now Open IBIS Paint X App and add the screenshot or the photo of your drawing.
  5. Now carefully illustrate the drawing or the character.
  6. Then, Remove the background keeping the illustrated line and save it.
  7. After all this open Infinite Design App And put whatever color you want according to your need.
  8. Now save that fine and done your mascot logo is ready to use.

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Final Words

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