Is PUBG Mobile A Chinese App? Best Substitute Of PUBG #AatmaNirbhar

Is PUBG Mobile A Chinese App? Best Substitute Of PUBG #AatmaNirbhar One of the trending searches on google, whether PUBG Mobile Is A Chinese App Or Not. ApkDunia is her with a new blog where we today discuss the trending topic PUBG Mobile Chinese of Not? So, guys, we are not going to explain it in a single line, You have to read the whole blog to get a whole idea on it, We tried our best to give the most reasonable answer for this trending question. India is stepping towards AatmaNirbharBharat and trying to Opt for Indian goods over Chinese goods. Indians are using Remove China Apps in their phone to remove all Chinese apps in a single click. So let’s get into a deeper discussion on this topic Is PUBG Mobile A Chinese App

Is PUBG Mobile A Chinese App

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About PUBG Mobile

PUBG is one of the emerging games of this era, Whether its a child or an adult everyone is addicted to it. PUBG Mobile is one of the games by Tencent Games which is a Chinese company. Due to its real, like experience PUBG gained a huge fan base in a small short of time, PC and Mobile are two platforms in which PUBG is available.  PUBG is regularly offering in-game updates and currently going to release it’s Beta Version 0.19.0

. In this era, we don’t need much explanation on PUBG because already more than 3 Crore+ installs are already done in India. Let’s get into an overview of this app to know it briefly

Game NamePUBG Mobile
DeveloperTencent Games
ChargesFree To Use, But In Game Purchase Available

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Origin Of PUBG 

Origin Of PUBG

PUBG initially launched by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of the South Korean video game company Bluehole Studio. But not it under the gaming brand named as Krafton Game Union. The names of these two companies can be seen every time we open the game, Well The whole explanations which we are giving here are collected from different sources such as Gooogle, Wikipedia, Etc.  PUBG was initially launched in PC only in the year 2017. When this game introduced in china, It got banned by the Chinese Government and after its ban, PUBG Mobile was introduced. Further details on this topic are explained under the topic Origin Of PUBG Mobile.

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Origin Of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.19.0

After the Ban of PUBG in China, The tech giant Tencent who was also thinking of launching the mobile version of this game purchase the rights of this game. Tencent purchases all the rights of this game to distribute this in China and to develop this game, to offer a new updated version of PUBG in Mobile. You might don’t know but Chinese prefers Chinese goods over any other country’s goods, and that’s the reason Chinese is still using Baidu, Wechat as a Chinese alternative of Google And Whatsapp. Once the mobile version of PUBG was launched in china it became an instant hit, which resulted in the demand for this game worldwide. Later in 2018, PUBG mobile was launched by the Chinese tech giant Tencent

 worldwide. And that’s the reason we can see the PUBG Corporation logo with Tencent whenever we open the game.

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Is PUBG Mobile A Chinese App

Chinese Apps With Indian Alternatives

If it is asked whether Is PUBG Mobile A Chinese App we can say Yes it is. Because the PC version was launched by the Korean Company but later its ban in China the Tech Gian Tencent whose origin is from China launched for PUBG Mobile. So what we could suggest you decrease the use of PUBG on your phone and uninstall it once you feel comfortable. Alternative Of PUBG is added by us in this, So continue reading it know more about the Alternative For PUBG

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Alternative For PUBG

It’s hard to find the alternative for PUBG Because all top class Royal Battle games are owned by the Chinese Companies. Still, we have tried to add the best alternative of this game, Where we found Fortnite which is recently launched for mobile, These games give the same PUBG like the experience of Royal Battle game. And we think Fortnite is the best substitute for PUBG, We have explained very well about this game below, Fortnite is owned by EPIC Games which is an American Company. Download Link For Fortnite is given below for your convenience. Well the Indian Substitute of PUBG is hard to find which is Indian Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA – IAF HQ] 

a game by Indian Airforce which gives you the real experience of flying a plane. This game is developed by Threye: Military Games which is the technical team of Indian Airforce, A high quality of graphics can be seen in this game. So let’s get into a deep explanation on Best Alternative For PUBG



Fortnite is a Battle Royal Game same as PUBG, Where you have to survive till the last. EPIC Games owns the rights of Fortnite which is an American company and offers a wide range of Popular video games Worldwide. Fortnite Launched in 2017 for PC but later in 2020, this game was launched for Mobile. Same as PUBG you can play in Squad of 4, this game runs using a stable internet connection. As per few reports we got to know that this game is having very low amount of Bugs which PUBG used to have.

Game Fortnite
Developer Epic Games, Inc

Download Fortnite Now Get It Here

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA – IAF HQ]

Indian Airforce Game

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA – IAF HQ] is the official game launched by Indian Airforce to give an experience of flying a Jet in the Sky. This game is made by the technical team of Indian Airforce (Threye: Military Games) which means this game is Made In India which we should prefer. It’s hard to compare PUBG with this game Because of both of the games run in different concepts. But still, ApkDunia would like to suggest our Indian visitors use this game and show your support for AatmaNirbharBharat.

GameIndian Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA - IAF HQ]
DeveloperThreye: Military Games (Indian Airforce)

Download Indian Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA – IAF HQ] Now Get It Here

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FAQ On Is PUBG Mobile A Chinese App

Tencent Origin Country

Origin of Tencent is from China, is a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company founded in 1998, whose subsidiaries specialize in various Internet-related services and products, entertainment, artificial intelligence, and technology both in China and globally.

Which Country Owns PUBG

If it is asked which country owns PUBG, The answer will be South Korea. Because it’s South Korean video game company Bluehole Studio initially launched this game. This answer can answer all the related questions such as

  1. PUBG mobile origin country
  2. PUBG is which country app

PUBG Is China Game Or Not

In a single word its No, Because of PUBG owned by Bluehole Studio 

which is a Korean Company. But PUBG mobile is owned by the Chinese company Tencent. This answer can answer all the related questions such as

  1. Is PUBG is Chinese app
  2. PUBG is Chinese app
  3. PUBG Chinese app
  4. PUBG company belongs to which country
  5. PUBG which country app
  6. PUBG app owner country

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Final Words

ApkDunia welcome you to the final words section of this blog, here we give our own point of view on the topic which we explained. Apkdunia would like to ask our users to decrease the use of PUBG and soon try to uninstall it when you feel comfortable to do it. I hope you liked our blog, Please allow the notification option of this site to get updates from use. At end we would like to ask our viewers to support Indian developers and prefer using Indian goods over other country goods.

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