JioMeet Make High Quality Conference Calls Through Mobile Or Laptop

JioMeet App Download – Make High-Quality Conference Calls Through Mobile Or Laptop A new app by Jio where you will get the feature of making hight quality group video calls and voice calls. This app works the same as other cloud meeting apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and etc. The best part of this app is you can add up to 100 people at the same time to make professional type meetings through the internet. This app is totally free to use and the best part Reliance Jio is the developer so the servers will be from Jio, So you will going to get a lag-free voice call, video call, and good security.

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What Is JioMeet App?

JioMeet is an app that gives you the option to make a high-quality video cloud meeting from your Mobile Phone or Laptop. A lag-free video call can be expected from this app, Because a large number of users use the Jio network, and basically the servers for this video conferencing app will be shared from Jio’s server so they can be easily accessible by Jio Users. A total of 100 People can make Cloud video call without any issues. We will describe the features and overview of this video conferencing app by Jio, below just continue reading this post to more about it:

App NameJioMeet
DeveloperReliance Corporate IT Park Limited
Release DateNot Yet Confirmed
Size9.3 MB
TypeVideo Conferencing App

JioMeet App Features 

A wide range of features can be seen in this app which we have explained below, Some special features given by Jio in their app makes it more effective in comparison to other cloud meeting apps such as Zoom or Microsoft team. So let’s get into the deep discussion of JioMeet Features

  1. Simple And User-Friendly UI We have seen a complicated and nonuser friendly UI in other cloud meeting apps such as Zoom. But here in JioMeet, you will get a simple user interface where anyone can easily use it to make group calls, meetings, etc.
  2. High-Quality Video Calls Jio already made our dream fulfilled by making High-Quality video call through its service. But from now make High-Quality group video calls using your device. So this will give a good impact on your meeting.
  3. Adaptive Streaming Jio insures there JioMeet users to get a lag-free conference call even while traveling. We already discussed, Jio uses there own servers which can be easily accessible by Jio users, which will give them a lag-free video call.
  4. Group Calls And Chats You can even chat while doing conference calls, This feature will give you the option to share your views in a live class, meeting or calls with friends.
  5. Control Option To Host We have seen, many unwanted users get into the video call and disturb the session. But here you the host have all the access to add or remove the unnecessary users from there calls. So this feature will give you a seamless experience.
  6. Option To Choose Between Audio/Video You will get the option to share your video or audio in the conference call. We think this is a nice feature where you can choose between two as per your requirements.
  7. History You can easily access the detailed call history from the app, and can easily call anyone personally as per your need.
  8. Also Designed For Corporate Users Corporate users can use this app to make a conference video call with up to 100 People at the same time. More corporate features can be seen once you use the app.

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Download JioMeet App 

JioMeet App is not available in the play store, even there is no official confirmation of its release date. But we will still offer our valuable customer the original app through which you can easily access the JioMeet without any issue. So follow our steps to more How To Download JioMeet App from play store

  1. First Download XAPK Installer   Get It Here
  2. After downloading APK Installer, install the app to go further
  3. Now Download JioMeet   Get It Here
  4. After downloading Jio Meet App XAPK file, Open XAPK Installer
  5. Choose JioMeet XAPK to install
  6. Once you install the app from there, You can open the JioMeet
  7. Read Further to know How To Use JioMeet To Make Conference Video Call.

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How To Use JioMeet To Make Free Conference Video Calls

We already described one of its best features, which is user-friendly UI. So users don’t need much explanation about how to use this app to make free conference calls, But still, we will guide you to know more how to use this app. We have guided you to know How To Sign Up, How To Make Groups, and other basic FAQ issues.  

How To Sign Up In JioMeet App

  1. Once You Downloaded JioMeet App From Our Link
  2. Open the app, And proceed further to sign up
  3. Now Sign Up using your email or OTP Based (For Jio Users Only)
  4. If you used OTP based sign up, Enter the 6 Digit OTP to verify and sign up.

How To Make Group Calls

  1. Open the app, Choose the Contact  with whom you want to make a call
  2. Now add one by one other participant to the call and make a conference video call
  3. You can also remove any unnecessary participants if you are the host.
  4. You can also make a group there, If you do a regular conference call to make a conference call in single click
  5. Conference call link can also be shared with others who are not in your contact to add in the call.

How To Switch Between Voice And Video Call

You can switch your video calls into a voice call by choosing the options given below ” Stop Video, Mute, End call, Headset, and More. Tap on the “Stop Video” button to switch from a video to an audio call and vice versa.

How To Send Text Messages In JioMeet

You can start making text messages by clicking into the option “Start Texting” in the right corner. The host can mute or unmute any participant through its will, Which is really interesting.

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JioMeet For Laptop And PC

Same as Zoom and other conferencing apps, Jio also providing you the option to make conference calls using your PC, Laptop webcam. Jio launched there official website from where you can make free High-Quality video calls for free. Continue reading this post to more about How To Use JioMeet In Laptop Or PC

JioMeet For PC And Laptop

  1. First Visit Official Website For JioMeet   Click Here
  2. Now sign up there using your OTP or Email
  3. Once sign up, Choose the contact from which you want to make calls
  4. You can also join conference calls using Link shared by the host
  5. Use other features of this app described above.

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Final Words for JioMeet APK Download

Welcome to the Final Word section, So APKDUNIA would like to suggest you use JioMeet to make a conference call rather than others Because it was Jio who bought sensation in the telecom market and bough a price war. We should support Jio by using their app, and by appreciating there work in play store comment section. Suggest others to use this app to make conference calls during this pandemic. That’s all and thanks for visiting up, Happy Surfing.

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