KineMaster Pro Now Edit Video’s In 4K Without Watermark 

KineMaster Pro Now Edit Video’s In 4K Without Watermark  I think if your passion is on youtube, then you don’t need any explanation on this app. Kinemaster might be the best app in the globe for video editing, it suits professionals as well as for amateurs. The wide range of features of this video editing app makes it more demanding. You might be redirected from Web Professor for downloading the app, where you can edit video in 4K with no watermark. It might be not possible for all beginners to pay for Kinermaste Pro, as it cost a good amount. So we will help you to get all those Kinemaster Pro features for free. So let’s proceed further by knowing its features.

Kinemaster Pro

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Kinemaster Pro Features

Chroma Key

Chroma Key I think this will be the most loved, feature of kinemaster where you will get the feature of the green screen and will make you add more VFX in your video with more 3D effects. All this feature will make your video to work like charm and also help you to gain more attention as well as views which be a monetary benefit for you.

User GuideUser Guide One the best feature which a beginner will enjoy is a user guide, where the app will guide you totally will help you in your initial time. You can also learn more by watching different videos of Web Professor, where we usually teach you to learn more about video editing. 

Intuitive Editing

Intuitive Editing Under this feature, you will get the option of trimming the video and layers, and you can easily adjust those as per your requirement.

Instant Preview While making your video for youtube or for any platform, you would like to watch your video as much you edited. So you will get this feature under which you will get the feature of instant previews. So you can watch the short edited part.

Multiple Track

Multi-Track Audio Under a multi-track audio feature, you can up to 8 songs (Depends upon your device capacity) in your video. This feature will give you a wide choice which you can make to add music of different parts in a single video.

Multiple Layers

Multiple Layers Under

KineMaster supports unlimited text, image, handwriting and overlay layers, as well as up to ten video layers (on supported devices)

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Kinemaster App Details

App NameKinemaster Pro
File Size50 MB+
Total Install's100M+
PriceFree To Use
OwnerKineMaster Corporation
TypeVideo Editor

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Kinemaster Lite

This version is basically for low-end smartphones who face issues while editing videos in kinemaster, due to there low-end device. To solve this issue Kinemaster and its team developed a new version for the young passionated YouTubers who have a low-end device, but they have a high dedication to video editing. This version has some features not available like pro version but has sufficient features for a beginner.

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Download Kinemaster Pro

We are proving the most working download link for kinemaster pro, which will help you to get the pro features or access of kinemaster for free. So beginners or professionals now make 4K resolution videos in kinemaster for free and that without watermark.  Previously we saw few of our followers were facing the issue of watermark of kinemaster, so we thought to solve this issue. As you are precious for us, and it’s our work to make your work easy or fully solved. So follow few steps to know how to Download Kinemaster Pro

  1. Download Kinemaster Pro In Your Phone from the link. Get It Here
  2. Next, install and open the file.
  3. Provide all the necessary access asked by the app
  4. Now open the app once again, You can see the Pro version of Kinemaster
  5. Now add the video file which you want to edit.
  6. Use all the feature described by us, and also explore new features and do comments.

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Final Words

As a final word, we would like to appreciate your passion for video editing and want to applause with lots of blessings if you stating your career on youtube. Soon we will add a YouTube video link of Web Professor with whom we have collaborated for you. So that we can express more to you.

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