How To Remove Background Noise From Audio Using Lexis Audio Editor

How To Remove Background Noise From Audio Using Lexis Audio Editor If you are a Media content Creator or a Media artist. And wanted to know how you can use your smartphone as a professional recording device. So, you have found your way to the right place. Firstly as a beginner its very difficult to grow without professional pieces of equipment. But In the era of modern technologies its not longer hard to grow with the least amount of equipment. Smartphones are the most useful devices. Nowadays with all the hardware and software capabilities smartphones can match any sort of standards. So, to fill the gap between you and the professional recording equipment. Developers have developed Lexis Audio Editor 

to record voice professionally on the phone. So, let us get a deeper knowledge of this amazing app by going into its details.

Lexis audio editor

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About Lexis Audio Editor

It is the most useful Audio Editor Software for android To record and edit Audio files in or from different formats. In other words, it can be said as the Audacity

of mobile phones. Audacity is computer software that is used to record and edit audio files. In conclusion, Audacity is the best software for audio files with amazing features. Similarly, Lexis Audio Editor has various similar features like audacity which are very useful. So, lets us know a few of its features, But before it, lest get into overviews of this app

App NameLexis Audio Editor
Size12.11 MB
TypeAudio Editor

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Lexis Audio Editor Features 

Inbuilt Software-Based Recorder And Audio Player So, the software recorders already come with the phone do not record audio with the maximum capacity of the phone’s mic. But with the help of Lexis, you can record with utilizing the full power of the mic. Also after recording, you can that recorded clip right away from there itself.


Lexis audio recording feature

Cut, Copy And Paste You will get the feature of editing your voice using the inbuilt editing feature option provided by the app developer. Here you can easily cut the voice or copy and can paste it anywhere as required. Our youtube team of Web Professor also uses the same application to record voice and to edit it further to get flawless content.

Edit Option

Noise Reduction Option You can also reduce the noise which got captured while recording voice for your content, We have seen many times sounds created by fans or childer are recorded. So you can easily remove those unnecessary sounds to make your content more clear.

Noise Reduction

Option To Change Tempo, Speed, Pitch This kind of feature is usually found in premium editing apps where we used to get all these features, But here you will get this for free.


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How To Use Lexis Audio Editor To Remove Background Noise From Videos 

  1. First Download Lexis Audio Editor App     Get IT Here
  2. Install and open the app and allow all the permissions asked by the app
  3. Next, choose the audio which you want to edit.
  4. Go to the effect tab by clicking on three dots on the top right corner.
  5. Inside the effect tab. Select Noice Reduction.
  6. Lastly, Apply the effect.

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Final Words

Welcome to the Final Words section of this post, After long research, we found this most suitable for editing your audio clips. Even our youtube team of Web Professor uses this app to edit audios for there contents. Please share this app with others who are interesting in editing videos. Thanks, And happy surfing.

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