PUBG Alternative Games In India for Android and IOS Devices

PUBG Alternative Games In India for Android and IOS Devices: With the sensational news of PUBG getting banned in India due to security reasons a large number of searches can be seen for the alternatives of PUBG.

Best pubg Mobile alternative games

So as per our motto of giving solutions to every problem our visitors face we are again back with the solution of PUBG Ban by giving its alternatives to which the users can opt.

In this blog we have explained all the reasons for which PUBG got banned in India with its best alternatives for the players, So let’s continue to the main content.


PUBG Ban Status

About PUBG

PUBG used to be the most popular royal battel game among the players in India, with total downloads of more than 100,000,000+ in play store it is the most preferred game in play store.

Due to its regular updates and amazing graphics this game got an instant hype over the globe.

A large number of streamers used to stream PUBG using their PC and used to earn good money from youtube and other sources, this step by the government to ban PUBG may also affect those YouTubers who used to earn from this.

PUBG is managed by Tencent which is a Chines company, well there is already a huge controversy for the Nationality of PUBG which you can check in our blog to know Is PUBG Mobile A Chinese App

. So let’s get into the reason for which PUBG Got Banned In India

Pubg Mobile

Why PUBG Is Banned In India?

As per the order of the Government of India on 2nd September where they launched a list of 118 mobile apps that are prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, Defence of India, Security of State, and Public Order.

In this list of 118 Apps, PUBG was also listed and was highlighted due to its mass popularity and demand among citizens. So the main reason for the ban is security, this states that our Government is taking care of our Privacy and Security as they have noticed that PUBG can be a serious threat for the Indian citizens as well as for the defense sector of India.

The data collection method and data leakage of users may be the main reason out of it. It’s not the first time government of India banned apps in India, they already banned Tiktok and other several apps in India.

So as an Indian citizen we should respect the decision and support our county for this.


PUBG Alternative Games

After the Ban for PUBG, a huge number of search trends can be seen for the alternatives for PUBG. So below are some of the best alternatives that can be opted

Fortnite (One of the best PUBG Alternative)

Fortnite is also one of the best games of Epic Games the same developer of PUBG and this can be the best substitute for PUBG in India.

With an extreme quality of graphic and Zero rendering issue Fortnite can be the best substitute for PUBG, we have observed a large fan base of Fortnite during its launch of the Mobile version.

Earlier this version was only available for the PC version but later on, it got launched for the Mobile too. Fortnite got a huge fan base within few months of its release, so let’s get into the procedure to download Fortnite For Mobile which is of one of the Alternative For PUBG


Game TypeBattle Royal
DeveloperEpic Games
Release Date21 July 2017

Download Fortnite For Mobile

  1. Download Fortnite APK From Here
  2. Install and open the APK download from the above link.
  3. Next download additional files form the In-Game download option.
  4. After download additional files you can run the game smoothly.
  5. That’s it enjoy the game.

Garena Free Fire (Best PUBG Game Alternative)

Free fire the battle royal game with the same gaming experience as PUBG or the rival of PUBG.

We have seen a large number of memes on FreeFire players and their game but now PUBG players may have to OPT Free fire after the ban.

Free Fire gives you a battle royal experience but with a lower quality graphics in it. So let’s get into the features of Garena Free Fire and will end this with a download link of one of the Alternative For PUBG


GameGarena Free Fire
Game TypeBattle Royal
Current Version1.52.0

Features Of Garena Free Fire

  1. Survival shooter in its original form
  2. 10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits
  3. 4-man squad, with in-game voice chat
  4. Clash Squad
  5. Realistic and smooth graphics

Download Garena Free Fire

  1. Download Garena Free Fire From Playstore Or Applestore
  2. Install and open the game
  3. Sign Up using your Facebook to proceed.
  4. Enjoy the game.

Final Words

Welcome to the final words section of this blog, as we know PUBG is banned in India but still we tried our best to give some best Alternative For PUBG  from the play store which may give you some gaming experience. But as a game, I know no game can substitute PUBG. We guys share this blog as PUBG Ban Status.

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