ScreenCam Screen Recorder With Internal And External Audio

ScreenCam Screen Recorder With Internal And External Audio is one of the finest and best among other free apps. From the last few months, Screencam Screenrecorder has become the most searched app Among youtube gaming creators. The reason for its popularity is its features. So Web Professor And Team have decided to Bring Out some of its features and in what way it’s beneficial for its users. To know how to download it and how you can use it lets get deep into its details.


Before going into deep we would like to describe a few features which are offered by the ScreenCam app. So let’s get into the features offered by the app.

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ScreenCam Screen Recorder App Features

User-Friendly UI It might be the best feature that everyone wants, a lightweight app with lots of features, and a user-friendly UI. This feature will make your experience more pleasant. There will no ads which will disturb your recoding and your gaming experience.

User Friendly UI

Option To Choose Between Audio Here comes the main feature for which we suggested you about this app, You will get the option to choose between internal sound or external sound recording. You can also select to choose both the sounds if you want a voice-over in your gameplay additionally.

Audio Option

Option To Choose Video Resolution You can offer your audience a wide range of choices between video resolution of your gameplay. All this will be possible due to the feature offered by this app where you will get 720P, 1080P, 2K, 4K video resolution recording as per your device compatibility and that’s without thinking about aspect ratio.

Video Resolution

Privacy I think this day’s privacy theft might be the biggest issue throughout the internet. But here in this app, you will not have to worry about your privacy because this app will not be going to collect private data that others may do. So you will get a nice gaming experience without caring about your private data.

Privacy Policy

Wide Range Of In-App Themes We have seen AMOLED users don’t like white color, so the app solved this issue by offering a variety of in-app theme as per your choice. This feature will offer you a nice and smooth experience.

Theme Option

Editing Option You can also view, edit, and share the video which you have recorded. I think this feature will help to not to download any other editing app. This app has a really wide range of editing options for nice gaming content.

Video Editing

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Download ScreenCam Screen Recorder App 

We are providing you the most reliable source to download ScreenCam recorder. You are our valuable visitor so we always provide you the official link which is the most trusted on the internet. Please read out the features first to download this app. Follow the steps to know more How To Download ScreenCam Screen Recorder App And Use It

  1. Download ScreenCam Screen Recorder App   PlayStore Link
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Once you open the app please allow all the requirement which is asked by them
  4. Set the setting in which quality you want to record, or the voice you want
  5. Now open the recording feature to record your content.
  6. Once you record you can also edit the video in the app

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Final Words

As a part of the final words, We would like to tell you to please share your experience here in comment with this app. We found this app to be the most reliable of most appropriate to record your gameplay. You can upload your content to Youtube Facebook Or any other social sites to gain popularity and to earn revenue from your content by monetizing your content.


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