U-Dictionary App Alternatives For A Better English

U-Dictionary App Alternatives For A Better English One of the best Applications over the play store for improving your English writing or speaking skills got banned on 2nd Sep. 2020 in India. A total list of 118 applications has been banned in India, due to security reasons.

PUBG is one of the most trendings and used apps in this list, Apkdunia already made a blog on Alternatives For PUBG. So, guys, let’s get into a deep discussion on the Alternatives of U-Dictionary App in India

U Dictionary Alternatives

About U-Dictionary App 

U-Dictionary is one of the most popular apps for English learners to improve and make there English speaking and writing skills error-free. But this app got banned on 2nd Sep. 2020 due to some security reasons as seen by the IT Ministry of India.

The best part of this application is we can use this application to correct all the errors even while writing WhatsApp messages or any other message. There are still some other stunning features of U-Dictionary which is pointed below

  1. Offical Oxford Dictionaries All information is verified and sourced from Oxford’s official dictionary, which means all the data are correct in all forms and can be trusted by the users.
  2. Text Translation Users can easily translate the text into any regional language such as Hindi, Urdu just by selecting it. Which means you don’t need to waste any time while chatting to find the meaning.
  3. Camera Translation Same as the scanner in this you can use your camera to scan and translate the lines into your preferred language.
  4. Grammar Check By using this app users can Check their grammar in a single click.
  5. Offline Dictionary Just by downloading the files of the U-Dictionary you can enjoy the feature of the Offline Dictionary.
DeveloperTalent Education Inc
Banned On2nd Sep. 2020

U-Dictionary App Alternatives

After the ban of U-Dictionary a large number of search can be seen in google for the best alternatives of this app, so below are some of the best alternatives which we found on Playstore

Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the Google products from where users can get a seamless and hassle-free experience to translate words or lines into more than 100 languages such as Chinese, Hindi, Uru, and etc. The best thing for this app is it’s off google and are free to use, there is no subscription required for using this app. Below are some other features of Google Translate which may help you

Google Translate

  1. Text translation Translate any text into other available 103 languages easily.
  2. Tap to Translate Select or copy the text to get the option to translate into your favorable language.
  3. Offline Version Enjoy the free offline version of Google Translate just by downloading some files of it.
  4. Instant camera translation Use your phone camera as a Text scanner to convert any text into your favorable language.
  5. Option To Sync Using your google email you can sync your data between PC to Phone and vice versa.
App NameGoogle Translate
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Alternative ForU-Dictionary

Download Google Translate From Playstore Or Apple Store

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is one the best Translator after google translate in terms of features and user experience. The best thing in this we will get is the trust of Microsoft and the easy to use simple UI, which makes us use without any guide. In this, you can translate words into 70 other languages with and without the internet. Well there are some other stunning features too which we have pointed below

Microsoft Translator

  1. Text Translation into 70 Languages as per your requirements
  2. Use the option of Camera Translation to scan any word or paragraph to translate into your preferred language.
  3. Voice Translation can also be used to translate your voice into other languages and vice versa.
  4. Multi-person conversation translation Users can also enjoy the benefit of messaging and getting relies on translated languages as per your preference.
  5. It’s free to use and users also get the option of Offline Dictionary in it.
AppMicrosoft Translator
DeveloperMicrosoft Corporation
Alternative ForU-Dictionary

Download Microsoft Translator From Playstore Or Apple Store

Siri or Google Assistant

Its a bonus tip for the alternatives of U-Dictionary, as we know there are a large number of other translators available in the play store but still, we suggested two only because they are free to use and are trusted. The last or the 3rd one is Siri Or Google Assistant as this can also be used for the translation are also free to use. It’s easy to use because what you have to do is just Say Siri/Google Trsnslate “Your Sentence” into Chines or Something else and you will get your result as per your internet speed.

Siri or Google Assistant

Final Words

Welcome to the Final words section of this blog, earlier we have discussed on Alternatives Of PUBG and this time we are with Alternatives of U-Dictionary as this was also the most popular app among the list of 118 apps which got banned. What I would say that we should respect the initiative of Government as this is for us only.

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